The Benefits of Sealed Crawlspaces

Too many North Carolina residents are familiar with damp and musty crawlspaces. Improperly managed or poorly planned crawlspaces can harbor mold, mildew and allergens immediately adjacent to a home’s living and sleeping spaces. When unchecked, these conditions can fester into a seriously unhealthy situation that is difficult and expensive to fix.

For years, it has been thought that ventilating the space under a home with outside air was the answer to controlling moisture problems. However, the humid climate of North Carolina and many other states makes this building system an inadequate solution. Introducing warm air to a cool environment or vice versa creates the conditions necessary for condensation, which more times than not, is the root of the problem in a damp, moldy crawlspace.

Sealing the crawlspace under a home can solve this problem and offer other advantages. It allows the space under a home to be conditioned by the same means as the home itself. This means controlling the temperature and humidity. It also allows the home to take advantage of the insulating properties of the earth, extending the home’s thermal envelope all the way to the ground, which maintains a nearly constant, mild temperature year round.

At Green Light Home Builders, we believe that building a healthy home starts from the ground up. Sealed crawlspaces protect the indoor environment above from the intrusion of mold and mildew, they extend the life of the home itself by protecting the building framing from harmful moisture, and they reduce energy consumption. Read more at