Jon Sloop, Founder

Jon is the Founder and Manager of Green Light Home Builders, LLC, and is responsible for project management duties from scheduling and material purchasing to sub-contractor and client relations. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2000 with a degree in Mathematical Sciences, Jon began his career in the construction industry as a framing carpenter, a job in which he could both apply his math skills and satisfy his passion for building things.

His interest in sustainable building practices grew initially from his realization and understanding of the shortcomings of conventional residential construction; but was already rooted in a more holistic interest in sustainable lifestyle choices: recycling, composting, harvesting rainwater, and conserving water and energy through conscious living. It became apparent to Jon after only a few years in the industry that drastic improvements could be made to conserve materials, build tighter, better houses, and integrate renewable energy into homes.

In 2004, Green Light Home Builders, LLC was organized, licensed and insured with the purpose of building better, more efficient, and healthier homes for North Carolinians. Jon continues to expand his interest in green building materials and practices through independent research, through the Renewable Energy Technologies diploma series at the North Carolina Solar Center at NC State University, and through business partnerships with the North Carolina HealthyBuilt Homes Program, Energy Star, and home energy raters.

Though Green Light Home Builders, LLC operates throughout Central and Western North Carolina, Jon enjoys home life in Asheville, where he loves to cook delicious meals, ride mountain bikes, build furniture, and watch the Tarheels play basketball.